Deadline Magazine


Featuring Artwork created in-house by the Urban Species;  Available to purchase ONLY from Urban Species!  

THE BRITISH INVASION CONTINUED! The classic comics-and-music magazine Deadline was created by the late Brett Ewins and the late Steve Dillon, and it was utterly brilliant!  Deadline originated Tank Girl (by Alan Martin / Jamie Hewlett) Wired World (Philip Bond,) A-Men and Space Boss (Shaky Kane) Johnny Nemo by Peter Milligan, and much more.  In addition to comics; it profiled the British music industry and rising bands, through Madchester and into early Britpop and crossed over the audiences for both.  Published between 1988 and 1995, Deadline has had a massive lasting cultural influence on and beyond the comics world; Supporting homosexual rights - Tank Girl parties were thrown to battle Margaret Thatcher's oppression of gay rights! The cosplay was immense, and the message got out there.  Within 'rave culture,' copies of the mag were geek chic accessorising!