About Us

We’re a team of passionate creators inspired by pop culture and powered by art. Officially licensed by some of the most iconic brands of today, Urban Species brings you the characters and stories you love in a way you won’t see elsewhere.

From DC Comics T-shirts and dresses to Stranger Things sweatshirts and jackets, we create unique collections that push the boundaries of mainstream design and licensed apparel.  Our artwork is emotionally motivated and boldly executed, as we bring different worlds together and craft exciting, new perspectives. Whether working on a big entertainment title or our own brand, we treat each of our garments as a platform for urban culture to thrive. 

Wearing Urban Species means wearing art on your sleeve. 

We’ve also built an amazing creative community over the past 20 years and would love for you to join it. From artwork consultancy to manufacturing all of your promotional clothing, let’s join forces and liberate your brand’s story. Our goal is to always let art win so we can work with any budget and quantity - just let us know what you’re after.