About Us

Urban Species is a Unique Fashion and Art Brand creating Officially Licensed Apparel using bespoke, limited edition and mass market commercial designs.

Urban Species also offers art and creative consultancy, merchandise design, promotional garment creation and wholesale sales.

From one garment to many, we can make any amount in various levels of quality. Ranging from the most basic cost- effective promotionals items, to high fashion garments.

We manage the process from design to manufacture, enabling you to take advantage of our highly skilled team who have pioneered some of the most innovative design treatment in the UK.

Urban Species win major, highly sought after Licenses, developing various products including T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Dresses and more. Our reputation with Licensed products pushes the boundaries of what mainstream licensed T-shirts were about. This is where Urban Species stands out: Other fashion licensees parody the subject IP, which weakens the brand in the long run - Our designs are a testament and tribute to the characters we LOVE. Our goal is to STRENGTHEN the Brand. Always.