WWE Attitude Era 1997-2000s

Wikipedia describes the Attitude Era as "adult-oriented content, which included an increase in the level of depicted violence, profanity and sexual content. This era was part of a wider surge in the popularity of professional wrestling in the United States and Canada as television ratings and pay-per-view buy-rates for WWF and its rival promotions saw record highs." That's the definition of BAD.ASS.  

Iconic Singles-Wrestlers, and various Stables gained prominence during this era.  (Male) Stars like Stone Cold Steve AustinThe RockMick FoleyThe UndertakerTriple H, and Kane.       

This included women such as ChynaLitaIvoryJacqueline, SableSunny and later Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler.   

Distinguished Stables were Established such as D-Generation XThe Nation of DominationThe CorporationThe Ministry of DarknessThe Corporate Ministry and The Brood among others!

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